Victoria has some of the slackest political donation laws in the Western world. This allows dodgy developers, gambling lobbyists, or even mobsters to influence our democracy.

Labor and the Liberals have ignored The Greens' calls for changes to our dodgy political donations laws, but they can't ignore you: the voters.


Victoria's Liberal leader Matthew Guy's dinner with alleged mobsters and Labor's acceptance of donations linked to Crown Casino undermine everyone's trust in our democracy.

Sign our petition demanding the Victorian Government:

  1. Bans donations from corporations and the gambling and property developer industries
  2. Caps donations from individuals at $1000
  3. Requires all donations over $100 to be disclosed within 7 days
  4. Gives the anti-corruption commission real teeth to investigate MPs

Will you sign?

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We need stricter rules

The Greens support laws that

  • Ban donations from corporations in certain industries such as gambling and property development
  • Cap donations from individuals at $1000
  • Require all donations over $100 to be disclosed within seven business days to bring us in line with other states such as Queensland which have real-time donations disclosure; and
  • Give the anti-corruption commission real teeth to investigate MPs.

Victoria has some of the weakest political donations laws in the western world.

Donations under $13 500 can be kept entirely secret, and larger donations can be kept secret until months after an election as our donation disclosure laws are so weak and disclosure is severely delayed. 

Labor and The Liberals can't ignore our call, stand with us to get dirty money out of our democracy.

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    Large corporate donations are a cancer which is destroying our democracy. We need generous public funding of political campaigning that reflects votes gained and is not limited to amount spent, and strict disclosure laws, and bans on onations by certain sectors, and rigorous public auditing of all political parties.
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    Dearest Ellen ,

    It’s very nice to write you,I really appreciate that you are doing great job,I will always support you for your all efforts,you are doing for the people of not only your constituency but for the best interest of the people of Australia.

    Wish you very happy and peaceful life and regards.

    Sincerely hour’s

    Shahid Khawaja.
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    George Tawse
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    Clean up the donation laws please
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    Boo to matthew guy the hypocrite, making his friends rich and enjoying the high life at the expense of rate payers.
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    Dear Parliamentarians

    We are concerned about lax political donation laws leading to corruption between all levels of government and business. We consider the lack of accountability on political donations erodes trust in government and businesses to do the right thing and, frankly, is a slippery slope to Victoria and Australia becoming a ‘banana’ state and nation that operates on graft.

    We fully support the following initiatives by the Australian Greens:

    - Ban donations from corporations and the gambling and property developer industries;

    - Cap donations from individuals at $1000;

    - Require all donations over $100 to be disclosed within 7 days;

    - Give the anti-corruption commission real teeth to investigate MPs.

    Other groups and individuals have also called for transparency of political donations, which may well attract ethical donations. Please do amend Victorian political donation laws and return honour and trust to the way our state is managed.

    Yours sincerely,
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    I have long been concerned about political donations including by developers and/or infrastructure operators in Australia and abroad, infrastructure, lobbyist groups of one description or another and the political culture generally that facilitates potential corruption. I support the initiative to tighten up donation laws and scrutiny including the strictest possible disclosure provisions and assessment of appropriateness.
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    I thoroughly support this petition, thank you!
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    Bring Integrity to politics This is what the people want from their elected representatives!!